CPeLevated Experience


Project Name: CPeLevated Experience
Company/Affiliation: CMU ETC, Chicago Public Library, YouMedia
Role(s): Designer / Prototyper

Description: CPeLevated was a student project that worked in conjunction with The MacArthur Foundation, Digital Youth Network, and the Chicago Public Library.  The project’s focus was  designing a multimedia, multipurpose center ( YouMedia space) for teenagers at Harold Washington Library in downtown Chicago.  The design of this new YouMedia space involved taking input from a wide range of stake holders (teenagers, mentors, librarians, and facility managers) as well as taking into account potential curriculum and library use-cases.  Over the course of 15 weeks we developed and iterated a final design for the space.  This design included a physical layout, contents for the space (furniture, equipment, tools), and visual color scheme and associated branding.

Additional: If you’d like to learn more about CPeLevated please feel free to visit the projects home page.