I am a designer and creative engineer with hands-on prototype construction experience and a deep understanding of computer technology with an emphasis on the interface between users and technology.  I’ve spent the past twelve years developing a broad scope of skills and perspectives in engineering, entertainment technology, education, and computer science, and I love to work in fields that allow me to bring all these skills to bear.  I love the creative process of bringing teams together to craft solutions to multifaceted projects, or to produce a completely new and unique product.  I have worked in creative environments in academia, in small start-up companies and in a Fortune 500 company, and have enjoyed them all.



I grew up mountain biking on trails near my home in Alaska. When I moved south to larger cities I took up road biking and I’m currently learning to build my own bicycle frames.

Beer Brewing

I have been learning to brew beer at home. Similar to cooking I find myself making brilliant mistakes and twice as many failures. It is a fun hobby with delicious results.