Winter 2015 - Present
Palo Alto, CA

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Research Engineer

— Explored novel applications of video game mechanics and technology to enterprise experience
— Developed new system visualization tool using BabylonJS frontend and NodeJS backend
— Programmed futuristic user interfaces for marketing and technical appliations. Merged classical HTML interfaces with virtual environments using Unity 3D
— Pitched demos and proof of concepts to internal business units

Fall 2013 – Winter 2015
Evanston, IL

Northwestern University
Research Assistant

— Programming an educational multitouch tabletop game for Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium
— Constructing a Tangible User Interface to accompany a Scratch like programming game
— Researching physical and digital educational games targeting sustainable lifestyles
— Developing a Django based website on Amazon Web Services

Winter 2012 – Fall 2013
San Francisco, CA

Independent Contractor

— Designed and managed fabrication of custom test fixture for electro-mechanical device
— Prototyped a Near-Field-Communication system for use in an interactive game-lounge
— Consulted on the design of a user interface development for an electric bicycle

Summer 2010 – Winter 2012
Berkeley, CA

Stupid Fun Club

— Brainstormed and conceptualized hundreds of toy products
— Prototyped selected concepts and pitched these products to major toy companies
— Designed optics for Ant Farm Revolution prototype, currently available online and in stores
— Created virtual games and game mechanic demos for toys, iOS, PC and other platforms
— Developed Arduino based hardware technology for pilot TV show, currently in development

Winter, Spring, Summer 2009
Pittsburgh, PA

CMU Robotics Institute
Gamebot Project Team

— Developed with a research team a robot to play multiplayer games on a Microsoft Surface
— Designed fully actuated robot neck capable of executing human-like movements
— Worked with vendor engineers to procure essential components, provided drawings and instruction for outsourced machining

Summer 2007, Spring 2008
Pasadena, CA

Energy Innovations
Systems Engineer

— Outlined quality control tests for optical receivers
— Researched and designed methods for alternative thermal cooling in solar concentrators


Fall 2013 – Spring 2015
Chicago, IL

Fishing With Friends
Northwestern graduate student project

— Designed and implemented an educational multiplayer video game about sustainable fishing
— Debuted at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium as a temporary exhibit and used for in-situ user testing
— Ported Fishing with Friends to an iOS game, made available on Apple’s App Store for iPads

Winter, Spring 2010
Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona ZooXXI Project Team
CMU graduate student team project

— Researched, programmed and designed prototypes for the client, Emotique
— Wrote data catching program with Twitter API using Python, HTML, PHP and SQLite

Fall 2009
Redwood Shores, CA

California Academy of Sciences Project Team
CMU graduate student team project

— Acted as producer for client project, blue-sky conceptualization and logistics for a new exhibit
— Managed a small team in ideation and producing client presentation
— Created a long term plan of action, established a relationship between the Academy and CMU
— Successfully pitched a new Avatar and Achievement system for the Academy

Winter, Spring 2009
Pittsburgh, PA

YouMedia Project Team
CMU graduate student team project

— Designed a physical space to complement a methodology and curriculum for teen activities at the Chicago Public Library (completed Summer 2009)
— Handled logistical and technical design issues during implementation and construction


Fall 2013- Present
Evanston, IL

Northwestern University
PhD Student

— Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), HCI in Computer Science, Advisor: Dr. Michael Horn

Summer 2010
Pittsburgh, PA

Carnegie Mellon University

— Masters in Entertainment Technology from the Entertainment Technology Center

Summer 2008
Pasadena, CA

California Institute of Technology

— B.S. Mechanical Engineering (personal focus in robotics)


Computer Languages

C#, Python, Javascript, Google Dart, Java, C/C++, HTML/CSS, Arduino/Processing, GCODE


Solidworks(advanced), TurboCAD/CAM, Autodesk Inventor

Design Software

Unity3D, Adobe CS, 3D Studio Max

Other Software

NodeJS, Django, Wordpress, Mathmatica, Matlab, Microsoft Office

Machining Experience

Proficient with lathe and mills. Basic experience with CNC, Tormach PCNC1100, primarily for rapid prototyping. Material experience includes aluminum, steel and wood

Electronics Experience

Familiar with developing prototype electrical/embedded systems with Arduino, RPi, and Beaglebone boards. Comfortable reading product datasheets, soldering, general wiring and basic analog circuits.